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Senseen & You

With Senseen, I’ll speed up the emergence and development of your innovative project or startup: idea strengthening, financing engineering (incl. EU grants) and project management. I’m working mostly for high-tech startups and SMEs with great potential for IT innovation, to whom I bring a technological reading and scientific backing (incl. transfer of technology) for short and medium term goals.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact me (e.g. through LinkedIn), or view the more comprehensive french version of this website.

I’m also a member of EarlyFund, your startup booster: acute business development and coaching, leading technological solutions, epic financing and great communication & storytelling for european high-tech startups!

Recent projects

Matching and management platform for boat renting service — Intuitive photoshoot definition and service management solution — Engagement companion and market place for fair crowdfunding platform — Matching and prescriptive analysis software for job searching — Ultra-low latency online gaming cloud — Automated platform for collaborative self-storage — Smart system and software for sleep cycles management — Intelligent programmatic platform for e-marketing — Profiling and matching solution for HR and recruitment — Cloud infrastructure and middleware for online games management — E-commerce semantic recommendation platform — Positioning and intelligent emergency support using a fuzzy control system — Adaptive coaching application for mHealth and mWellbeing — Semantic linking service for culinary resources translation — Expert web-to-store assistant for clothes and accessories shopping — Open network for parcel shipping and services sharing — Semantic modelling software for furniture trade — Connected entertainment appliance for home-to-home sharing — Intelligent middleware for sensitive industrial networks protection…
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